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Mustang vs. Firebird vs. Cougar (ehh not really)

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My friend and I are coming back from a 12 o'clock showing of Kill Bill this saturday night, and it's about 2:30 in the morning and I am behind my friends 96 Cobra Mustang at the light in my Cougar. Anyways this guy in a black firebird pulls up next to us at the light and rolls down his window and is talking to my friend it appeared. They start revving, and I'm just sitting back hoping to see my friend smoke him. Anyways they both get a pretty good launch when the light turns, and leave my poor lil' atx coug in the dust. So i just take flight and follow them. I couldnt really tell but it looked liked the firebird beat out my friend by about a car length.

ANyways, The firebird is turning into a Shell Gas staion, and my friend turning in as well. So I pull in, and get out of my car as my friend does the same, I'm thinking o god I hope theres no trouble. Turns out, the guy in the firebird is about 35 years old and wanted to by my friend a fountain pop. So we get some food and go outside to talk about our cars and shoot some ****. The guy's firebird is a 2000 "formula" addition, and I am not sure on this, but he said it puts out about the same horsepower as my friends cobra. Anyways we talked for a while and the guys nephew is the same age as my friend and I and he owns a 2001 cougar. All and all it was a cool experience, too bad my cougar wasnt able to partake in the action :cry: Just thought I'd share , my night of street racing, well sorta. :confused:
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lol it was a given the TA would dust the Cobra. . . unless 2003 supercharged :)

Bone stock they put down anywhere from 305rwhp to 325rwhp, depending on auto or stick. Mine put down 316rwhp and 336rwtq bone stock and is an automatic :) Although I'm not quite stock anymore.

Good race though :thumbsup:
Thanks for reminding us once again about the stats of your automatic LS1. ;)
Originally posted by: SpruceCougar
Thanks for reminding us once again about the stats of your automatic LS1. ;)
LOL! :)

Hey I noticed in your sig you've been busy on your stang :) have you beated the 13.9 as of yet??
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