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Mustang GT Throttle Body

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I have been looking on ebay and the stock 65mm T/B's are pretty cheap. But what year will work. I know there is modding involved, I've researched what to do. But what year 4.6L GT should I look for? 99-01 or 01-04

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96-04 4.6L SOHC car engines. (i.e. Mustang, Crown Vic, Marquee)
What modification is needed to make this tb work with the 2.5 uim (svt)?
Pretty sure this will only work with the SVT UIM, as the opening is slightly larger (full 65mm) than stock. I know when I got my max extrude honed stock UIM back however, that they had opened up the inlet some (65-67mm range). For those of you on stock UIM's, it's not going to improve things. Thing being that your TB is nearly the bottleneck that your stock UIM is.

i got mine off of a 98 mustang. the big mod for this is to switch the way the throttle plate opens. the actually bore is a pretty close match to the svt uim.
Anybody have a picture of one dissasembled? I bought one in peices and think I am missing a spring
there is only 1 spring
I know about the one spring, I just think its the wrong one. Looks to small to me. Anyone have pics?
As far as i know, you disassemble the 65mm tb, disassemble SVT tb and reasemble 65mm tb using svt shaft with 65mm throttle plate, and svt spring, rotor and tps.
Right, I bought mine disassembled already. Only think to work out is the spring.
OK, i'll take pics when i do mine
Originally posted by: nandalora
OK, i'll take pics when i do mine
Great, thanks! :banana:
what kind of extra gains do you get using this larger tb.
I would say don't upgrade to a 65mm t/b unless you have a very "well-breathing" 3.0L It is not necessary for any 2.5L unless they are force induced. The t/b is not a much of a restriction as people think, so be sure you need it before just throwing it on and expecting gains. I talked to Terry Haines about this for 1/2 an hour the other day. The larger size brings in more volume but with less velocity and you don't want to decrease intake velocity because it causes cylinder filling issues.

I was messing with it last night, but it will take some time to make the swap. I'm camping this weekend so I won't be able to. Maybe I'll have some time next week. It's more involved than just swaping the throttle cam/rotor assymbly from the SVT. You have to use the cam from the Mustang T/b cause the o-rings to either side of the butterfly are too close together on the SVT. Anyway, you have to either mod the Mustang throttle rotor or swap it with the SVT one. I'm not sure which way I want to do it yet. I'll do it and take pics next week.

Well, I did it! Not too bad, I used the SVT throttle shaft and linkage. I just had to cut the shaft a few millimeters each way to allow for the larger butterfly. So here are some pics.

Question, though: I was thinking of changing the intake setup. Put the MAF just before the throttle body, and then the intake tube w/vaccum lines. This way you don't have to worry about vaccum leaks causing stubling. Will this be safe??? I attatched a picture...............


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Sorry, I'll post some tonight. But what do you need to see?

If you have have any pics of everything dissasembled all layed out, would be nice. As well as a close up of the return spring. Thanks alot man.
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