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I feel really stupid in having to ask this question, but I really am not sure so I have to ask. I have switched out every single light in my car to blue leds and did that actually about a year ago, no problem. However I am now doing the hvacs and have succesfully completed it other than putting blue leds in place of the white bulbs that are in there right now. I have a feeling that I am going to need more than three leds(that is the amount of lights behind it. Well actually there are 4 behind it but the one that lights up the hot air/ cold air part I am leaving because I want to keep that the same color as it already is), and I have never had to attach one led to another, so my question is this.

How do you link leds together? Do I need a resistor for each individual one or not? I have heard of connecting them "parallel" but what does that mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I am going to try and finish up putting back together my dash tonight finally after it being out for about 3 months due to getting painted and me doing some other electrical work. Thanks

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