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I am needing to get a muffler but here is the problem the last muffler i bought was a WeaponR and it was for a four cyclinder and i had a v6 so i couldn't put the silencer in it i need a muffler so that i will be able to put the silencer in it without choking the engine leaving proper airflow. what is the best sounding muffler for this??? thanks also refer websites to buy from. thanks

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Do a is your friend...there are so many of strings out. Essentially it comes down to personel preference. I know that I am going with a dual stainless borla once I get some money quiter but gets some backing to it when you are on it...the other popular choice is the flowmaster...louder through out the rpm range...sounds kind of like a mustang exhaust...comes down to what you want. If you live some where were they use salt in the winter then get the stainless steel. If you don't have to worry about the salt then get the aluminumized the money. It all comes down to what you want.
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