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mtx shift knob?

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is there any trick to changing out the knob and keeping the reverse lock without damaging anything? a how to would be great if needed.

help me out
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the reverse lock is ford propietary. As far as I know only the B&M Short throw shifter will retain it's compatiblity. Do note however that the revers lock is not needed for normal operation, however now you can slide it in reverse without pulling the lock BUT the transmission will not allow you to throw it in reverse (without a lot of force) if you are going to fast anyhow.
thanks but i need ti know if there is any tricks to removing the standard 200 mtx knob. is there anything to worry about when taking it off to avoid damaging the reverse lock. i purchased the richbrook off of kkm that preserves the lock and i want to be careful.

please help if you have changed.
All you have to do is unscrew the knob. You won't hurt the reverse lockout at all. If you pop the shift boot off, you can see how everything works and maybe you'll feel a bit more comfortable.
Yea, the reverse lock out is nothing more than a shaft of plastic that sticks out on one corner so the stick will not move, it's really nothing to worry about. Just unscrew the knob and lift up, pull the leather cover off and you will see what we are talking about.
thanks for all the help. as soon as my katzkin leather is finished i will get the car back and give it a try. i am getting impatient. i need my cougar
the b& M works good and keeps the stock lock out. There are other knobs as well u just have to look to see if they say u can use them with there is a richbrook knob too.

To take the stock knob off simply unscrew it thats all.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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