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hey anyone wanna help me finish moving. sunday oct. 26th. from west point NE to south sioux city NE. i need all the help i can get if anyone has any pick ups they can get to help that would be great. i am in the final stages of my move closer to work sunday is my day to finish b/c that is the last free day i have this month. i know it is a long ways for most(all) of you and i dont want anyone to feel like they have to or that i would be mad if no one from here helps. i am just asking to see b/c well like i said i need all the help i can get......thanks.
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I might be able to come down and help. I'll let you know for sure when it gets closer to the weekend
Sorry Robert. I don't have a pick-up anymore. I think I might be coming back to SD on Sunday from visiting some friends down in Lincoln. maybe. sorry I wish I could help ya out. It would be great to see you and Ashley. :(
Hey Robert I will try to get the day off or something and I will be an extra body to help. If you would though would you pick me up in S Sioux City or somewhere around Sioux City cause my car is going through its little quirks and I would not want to risk anything. But otherwise just give me a call on like friday night and I will let you know about sunday.
Damnit, I had the day off. I should even have the Explorer by then. :(
hey i will be without internet fora few days not sure how long exactly.........

note: alan and Dan i haven't heard anything from you and haven't been able to get in contact with you. if either of you want to help or just come down to see the place show up at ,1919 F st. south sioux city NE 68776, sometime today(sunday) we are starting to load stuff at 1:00 and will be up there later. oh BTW i dont have a cell phone anymore but my home number in south sioux is (402)494-6263.
instead of hijacking the other thread i am going to answer tim's question here."how was the move"

it was very very easy. we were able to get ahold of a horse trailor so it only took one trip. and we had most of the small stuff already moved anyway. as for everything else being 10 minutes from work instead of an hour is the best part of moving up here. it will especially be nice when the snow hits. and the other great part............i have a garage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will post pics when i have more time of the place when it was MT. i will take pics when everything is unpacked and put away and post those too.
Glad to hear your doin ok. You had us worried mang.
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