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Moving to Tulsa, OK

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Hey all, will be moving from Tampa, FL to Tulsa, OK within the next few weeks. Just thought I'd say hello and see when you guys will be meeting up next. Been an East coast city guy most of my life, this is sure to be a big change for me. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys in the near future.

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Welcome in advance to Tornado Alley. So why the move to Tulsa??
Starting a new life with my new girlfriend :thumbsup:
That's cool...Tulsa is a cool town I travel there for my job all the time.

Maybe Rylee could give you some advice on the town (unless you already know) he goes to school there(or went...not sure if he is done or not)
welcome have fun in tulsa i go there sometimes 2 b/c my cousin lives there the streets are full of all kinds of cars at night
welcome! :) yeah, i'd talk to ryan about tulsa. i've been there a few times, but not enough to be an expert. good luck w/ the move!
Tulsa is a raging pain in the balls to drive through. Beyond that, I know very little about it. I can't imagine the culture shock you're going to get. ;) Welcome though!
Tulsa kicks ass... Traffic isn't that bad (compared to Houston). If you need anything call me (PM me for my cell)! I still attend The University of Tulsa (11th and Harvard).

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