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More 2005 cougar

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Not really feelin it :(
3/4 view if you missed it on the other post
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Originally posted by: Loyalty
Not really feelin it :(
Eww. I dont like it either.
this post has been made like 13 times in the past week
who glued a rockford fosgate amp to the hood of that thing... they couldda at least used a brand that doesnt suck :)
Originally posted by: BigKat
here's the best one I found so far :)

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Holy Crap! I'm SO stoned, and that is HILLARIOUS!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Originally posted by: burningman

Sign me up. I love the tails. Very Dan Gurney. (The Original Gangsta)


very 70' lovin it back when cars were cars...and i never get to see them other then at shows..OMG does that say V10 on the side too...gonna be a bit of a fuel pig if it gets made..
I like it.....

Mr. Ov3n what kind of amp would you strap the hood of the car?
looks an awful lot like the 2005 Mustang don't ya think, just a modified image?:banghead:

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Iza peeza shizza. lol when we saw that leopard flame one though me and my dudes cracked up. Being drunk and/or stoned on the net rocks. :beer::hitit::smoke-g::smoke-t::puke:
yeah a cougar mix, mustang mix, and almost mitsu galant mix

ill pass
if i wanted a 2005 mustang i would just buy one...

not really feelin that one either, 99 style is still my fave :D
I think both of those cars are ugly...I'm not a big old school car design fan........
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