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Milan Dragway April 4th

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Well MC-NECO went there... we had 9 cougars show up in all and i think 8 of us raced... i just got home and i did a 15.58 best... i am very pleased with this time... as for mods i only have KKM and Yodude HOWEVER i don't have back seats or carpet in the car... i'm gonna go weigh them some time very soon to see just how much they do help....
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awesome... did anyone get videos?
was 15.58 the lowest time out of any of the cougars there?
Just got back in from Milan. I ran 1 more race after you left puckpuck. It was against a 300zx. Needless to say I lost but I did post my best time of 16.796 @ 83.5. Not too bad in my book for my 1st time out and having a stock ATX.
well here is my timeslip... i'm car number 112 and the other car was Brad (AtomicInternet)... i left a little before everyone else and at that time it was the best of all cougars... i had a .509 reaction time and .500 is purrrrfect so that was pretty dam good if you ask me...
Nice Run Puck,,, Awesome reaction time...
work a little bit on your launches and you should be seeing 15.3's i went to the track last night and my best 60ft of the night was a 2.29 but my fastest ET was 15.96 (3000ft altitude kills top end arrrrgggghhhhhh)......that is my best 60ft ever, i did it by having the RPM's at 4200, slipping the clutch just slightly, then letting it all out once the tires hooked up (cuz of the higher altitude, i cant have the revs down lower and use this technique, not enough torque i guess..) i will be going to a lower elevation track on May 4th to see what my times are at sea level...i am hoping for low 15's.....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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