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Ok, it's pretty quiet in here, so I'm going to stir things up.

"METCO = ??????"

Hey, I may be a little out of the loop, but what EXACTLY did these DJs say that got everyone in an uproar?

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Metco is a city sponsered school bussing system that takes inner city kids to & from suburban schools. Persumably because of the safer atmosphere & quality of schools.

I believe it was a sportscaster during a morning radio break (like WAAF's Hillman Morning Show). The guy was commenting on a photo of Joe the Gorrilla that escaped from the Franklin Park Zoo. The photo just happened to be taken while Joe was standing at the sidewalk in front of a "METCO" bus stop sign. His comment was that the gorrilla was mistaken for a METCO student waiting for the bus.

And if I have to spell it out for you, a derogatory term to describe blacks is "chimps, monkeys or gorrillas".
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