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gots some questions for ya. first, whats the kind of mesh you get from home depot? second, how do you attach it to the bottom of a stock 00 bumper? third, on the grill with the cougar heard on it, how do you get that off of that grill and attach it to the mesh? thanks for the input.

if any of this sounds confusing just PM me and ill try and clear it up
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I believe it's called gutter guard (the mesh itself). But thats about all I can help you with. Never done it myself.

some people just wrap the mesh around the grill and cut a hole for the cougar head.
to take the head of just push it out from the back. thers two little pieces that stick threw the grill, push on those.
then you can wrap the grill with mesh and put the head back on.
did any one take off that plastic part underneath their car so they can get in there from behind??
For the bottom i just put the mesh overtop the stock grill..
pic isnt that great, but u can kinda see it.
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I took offf the splash guard underneath to get in there all the way...but if you can do it with out taking the splash guard out then do that.....
if you do take off the guard just go under and unscrew i believe (4 screws and pull off)....
thats all ...

I just took the front bumper off and rolled the gutter gaurd along the opening, but after ripping off the plastig grill of course. Then for the fog light gap, ripped out the remaining peices of the housings, installed aftermarket lights. Then for the top grill, ripped the emblem off, rolled more mesh across it.....just look at my sounddomain site if wanting pics.
my home depot must be wack cuz the only "gutter guard" they have is this cheap plastic stuff that's not really a looks stupid cuz its too thick, cannot be rolled, and is sold in pieces less than the length of the bottom front grill of our cars...where are you guys getting this stuff from?

I got it at Réno dépôt...of course i'm in Montreal....although when i asked for gutter guard they sent me to the roofing section...and thats where the plastic stufff's at. I was actually just walking around the ailes looking for lighting accessories and bam it was right in front of a lil' box. But when i asked they said they didnt have it in metal...only plastic. Soooo....for sure they got it....but you gotta look....:rolleyes:

i went to home depot the other day and asked for stucco mesh, should be there near the concret. i was under my car the other day too and it looks like the srews on the plastic part have been filled in with something so you cant unscrew it :shrug: i found a 8 foot by 28 inch sheet of the mest for like 4 bucks, i might use that and just replace the grill altogether instead of just wrapping it with the mesh.
Some pics of my gutter guard from home depot:


Let me know if you wanna know how I did it. Good Luck :thumbsup:
Heres my "speed screen grill" aka Gutter guard
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