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after contacting the White House for us yesterday...

Merc: Bush received my email
Merc: and called me personally on the phone
Merc: offering me a job
Merc: the title was (and this is exact case)
Merc: Secretary of InternETal Affairs
Merc: my officer was next to Internal Affairs
Merc: office*
Merc: and I was responsible for checking all the emails
Merc: but all the emails where my email
Merc: and I was informed to only forward the ones of utmost important
Merc: so I kept forwarding my email
Merc: over and over and over
Merc: and everytime Bush would say "This is a good one.. I'll get to it right away"
Merc: like I never sent him it before
Merc: then my dog jumped on my head and woke me up

i thought it was funny :rofl:

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Originally posted by: Archangel7772001
nice dream mike. very entertaining. a tleast it wasn't a sex dream where you wake up finding a dog licking your face or something like in the movies!!!!!!!!!!
wtf? lol. it wasn't my dream ;)
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