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Post to follow.. Stay tuned.
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Here is the deal, meet downtown today, If I am the only one there I will not care.

Initial location yet to be decided. Please make a suggestion, a nice comfortable bar atmosphere would be good to start.

Here is whats up.

Right now I'm just chillin. >>

But. sooner or later i want my Jack and Coke>>>

Here is the difference tho, I want this drink so strong that even my wife has a funny look on her face.>>>

I wanna see *****es doin this>>>

Make sure you wear proper attire>>

Choose your poison and drink it hard>>>>

If you know this ***** bring her along, I want to have lots of sex with her>>>

Leave you wrinkles at home>>>

Ladies and gentlemen its time to get wasted.

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Hows Rock Bottom at 6pm sound? Please post! Or give other ideas,


crap... I got a meeting in Rockford at 6pm tonight :(
Originally posted by: Crispy
crap... I got a meeting in Rockford at 6pm tonight :(
Ill be out all night, you can try to catch up if you wish later.

Chris, make it 7 and I'll be there :)

Rock Bottom is cool by me.

I have some loan stuff/laundry to do at the folks. I'll be back down here by 7.

I'll check the forums when i get home.

Sounds good but I will be there at 6 ;)

DIRECTIONS, just type in your address


Rock Bottom Brewery
740 N. Plankinton Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53203
(414) 276-3030

Pubcrawler info:
Click here for pub crawler info

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Originally posted by: Crispy
crap... I got a meeting in Rockford at 6pm tonight :(
Wanna come to the meet at rockford tomorrow? :biggrin:
have fun.. i work today.. as i work every i need mroe than 18 seconds notice, kthxbye
:puke:thta pretty much describes my night last night.......:thumbsup:eek:ur waitress was most definately a Hottie:biggrin: Now if I could only get rid of this damn hangover:mad:
Funny pictures to be posted soon, I forgot my camera tho. So it will have to be another time.

Let me guess me passed out? Great:mad: Another funny made by yours truely
Is there anything happening this weekend?

I'm free this weekend.
I would've made the Saturday meet but I was sick.
I was so damn hung over on Saturday that I thought I was gonna die... didn't make that meeting in rockford either... :(
No pics yet, cable at work - camera here, Tony -- its way worse, try you huggin the porcelain god in a "safe" stall. There is nothing like the sound of someone horking and hearing the police scanner coming out of the ceiling speakers. LOL safsehouse was cool! Camera set out so I'll take it to work.

[GnuLoCo] could've been worse
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