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I just got my new Konig tanturam in today. they are 225/45/17, and look ok. the problem is now i need to lower my car. I know that cougar don't have camber adjustability, and I need ppl's opinion. i'm thinking about progressive spring(1.8" front, 1.25 rear drop), and will this give me a problem with alignment? or should I go with eibach with 1.2" front, and 1" rear drop? and what kind of shocks should I go for?? I'm new to this forum, and any input will be greatly appreciated

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no matter what aftermarket shocks you put on your alignment will need to be adjusted. The springs you choose all depend on how low you want to go. Do a search on "springs" and it'll tell you all you need to know on that. I wouldn't just get springs either, its better to get the struts with your springs and while your at it throw in a sway bar for the front and back. If you neglect to do this, your car will making a clunking noise goin over bumps much like mine does. Do a search on "struts" to see what struts fit your budget and give you what you want. Then do a search on "sway bars" to get the turning firmness you desire.

Point is do a search, there are plenty of posts about this.;)
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