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Sup guys long time no see i see a few old familair names in here jason here and few others i remember talking tooo.

i don't see runthis even thou still talk to him on aim.

Any new Dayton area people?

for all that don't know me.

I'm Rob

Lived in minnesota from 1984 to 1996 and been stuck here ever since.

I'm third generation Black Cougar owner
GF 1969 Black sold before i was born. found script off of it couple months ago
DAD 1983 Black
ME 1999 Black

Cougar owner for 3 years now.

i drive Black 99 Atx V6 Cougar

Things done to the cougar.

Custom Dual CatBack
Black Taillight Covers
AVS headlight blackouts (just got yesterday)
Xm Roady 2
PureVision HID 6k 9006 conversion (installing tomorrow)
Pioneer 7500 Headunit
3 Dual Coil HE2's 800 watt max (out of car)
1000 Watt Monochannel Rockford Amp. (fried last tested 1148 continous watts, out of car)
Shaving cougar and v6 of rear and installing 1969 script emblem off my GF's old cougar. (shortly)

Things had fix lately......

bumper 2 headlights hood and sunroof broke in accident (sister hit buick with cougar while i was in detriot for autoshow. she dorve it without premission i was PISSED) in january [fixed]
DPFS Sensor
4th ALTERNATOR (haven't had amp and subs in since 2nd alternator)

i have to have the car echecked buy end of this month and i'm still throwing o2 and cat codes... plus i think i might still be throwing an EGR but i don't see how.............

anyways thats little info about me and i hope i can finally get meet a bunch of you....

i'm off sat and sunday nights soooo if you guys ever want set up a mini meet or something let me know i'm game...........

1999 3.0 SilFro
25,008 Posts
Hey, Rob - MiniFest at Cedar Point is going to be awesome; you should try to make it up for that. We also always have a meet in late October in Columbus as kind of an anniversary thing (which I guess we should start planning for, maybe...). Anyways, yeah; hopfully you can hook up with us soon.
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