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Long term review and WARNING on taylor wires.

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Well... i was one of the first to get them... I LOVED them... they look like nothing but quality... they are very low resistence(per the msd display they are only a bit 3rd after msd and magnacore). To top it all off they look really sweet in cobolt blue~!

Now... ive had them for around 25K miles and had an "experience" today. I was checking my front bank of spark plugs per a post i read.. anyways ass i pulled off the first boot and attempted to put the spark plug wrench on the spark plug it wouldnt go on! I got a flashlight and saw why... the damn connector pulled out of the wire!!!!! I was SOOOO pissed... I was at my dad's house 30miles away from my apartment where my stock wires were... I had to borrow his car and drive to get them!!! Two in total ripped out when i removed them. I decided to see why and cut the boot off one. The point where the wire is crimped inside the boot to that metal thing that pulled out was MELTED TO ****!!! the "blue" was now a nice yellow and all scrivled and melted. The crimp was also sad as hell in my opinion. I dunno... i know the price was cheap for these wires... but... i can come to one conclusion... and i admit that yesterday id have said 110% the oposite.

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Dont come on the board and say things like was a personal experience that shouldnt totally deter others from getting the wires. I for one, have them, and have had NO problems at all...even when removing them.

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dont come on the board giving something a bad review cuz its inferior quality?
people come on here all the time and rant about products they have and had bad issues with, its important that people do that, that way people can get opinions about products before they buy them.
NO its more of the fact that he says DO NOT BUY from 1 personal experience. Its perfectly fine to say that you had a ****ty experience but dont totally discourage others from buying.

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What? OBVIOUSLY this is my personal experience. I can recomend anyone do anything on here. Its up to them to do it! Do you have any idea how pissed off I was when this happend? Put yourself in my place. What if i didnt have the old wires laying around? This was at 6pm on a saterday.... i would have had to HOPE that the local parts store had some wires for the coug and blown probly 30 bucks on those peices of crap untill I could buy REAL new wires on monday morning! Wires after 25K miles that FAIL like this ARE crap. I also overlooked the "recall" problem with them were the wires were installed too deep in the boot for them to reach the plugs. That i "overlooked" because I was still able to use mine. That... added to this... and what I saw when I cut that boot tells me these wires are inferior quality. If you dont think so FINE! Like i said in my first post... i would probly have taken the stance you did had someone else came on and slamed them like i did. I admited that I THOUGHT they were nothing but quality. Im not just some idiot poping on the board to slam a product, you know that! I was the one who came on here and gave everyone the contact info to get these wires at a substantial discount and in good time! I LOVED them from the start and if you look at my previous posts you will see that. I feel i am VERY justified to post here on a board that im VERY involved in an experience with a product that I know several people have. If i save even ONE person from the feeling i had when that wire poped out then that will prove this posts worth. Im going to cut another two or three boots off today and snap some pics of the crimps and the melting for all to see. I dont have a digital so expect them later in the week. Until then FINE dont rush out and take them off your car... but like I said I wouldnt try to take them off without a backup plan....
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and i think that if they would come off the boot easily enough, that could cause problems down inside with arcing and such. but it's just one opinion, no one should take it to heart. The NHTSA crashes cars and makes a rating based on the crash of ONE car, they don't crash a hundred same cars and make a rating of it's safety. normally products are built to the same specs, and 1 represents them all, unless there was some disgruntled employee on the line.
i would call it two personal experiences, since two of the wires ripped out.. and i remember a long while back someone with aftermarket plug wires also posted a message with the same problem.

thanx exigent i will definitely not get these wires.
You should always treat your new wires to keep this from happening, I have seen this happen with all kinds of wires in all kinds of different cars, including stock ones. If you do not put a small spot of lube on them you run the very high risk of having them fuse together, causing the end of the wire to stay attached to the plug, just as you mentioned.
I used that goo that they came with... I dunno... I thought that was all that was needed.. it was a silicone lube iirc. Anyways, I looked at them closer today.. it seems like the crimp is the fault... the crimp didnt get all the way to the wire in the core. So im guessing the voltage happily jumped the rest of the way and the heat from this spark caused the melting in the boot. Im suprised it didnt melt more really... Hey.. its up to you, buy whatever you want. I didnt post this to make nobody ever buy it again... i dont think i have that power. I just want people to know what happened to me... Anyways... onto the ford motorsports wires i suppose... made by MSD huh... hrmm...
Yea, if you lubed them then it was most likely the bad crimp job.
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