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Long crank before start

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2000 V6 Cougar. Sat for years so I bought it and replaced the gas cap, fuel pump and filter, charcoal canister and evap valve.
Always has to crank longer than it should before firing. Sometimes it helps to be pointed downhill but not a lot.
I get an evap system code from the scanner and rolling down the windows seems to pull fuel vapors into the cabin.
Any pointers in diagnostics?
Runs pretty good but I feel it’s falling short of true potential.
Hoping something here rings a bell with someone.
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What’s the code specifically. There are several different EVAP codes.
What’s the code specifically. There are several different EVAP codes.
Don’t remember the code, cleared it and currently only get 420 and 430 codes. New sensors so ….
Smelling gas implies a gas leak. I would be looking for that.
On some of these cars, our fuel systems can sometimes drain back into the tank while shutdown which can cause a slower start, but you shouldn't smell gas.

Also, dummy check; you didn't mention the status of your battery. Our cars need good, strong batteries.
Have you done anything with the ignition? Could be a spark or air issue if you're smelling fuel, and hearing it prime when turning the key to on. Try unplugging the MAF and starting it, maybe clean your IAC as well. A vacuum leak could also contribute to it but that would throw a code.

Pull the plugs and check for them being wet or a smell of fuel in the oil on the dipstick. I had a headgasket failure that was causing hard starts, but it wasn't enough to show a loss of coolant or mixing with oil. Once running it was fine, just down on power, but would not want to restart easily if shut off again.
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