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One day, I accidentally locked my car while the car was on (and the spare keys happened to be in the car also (I had given them to my girlfriend and they were in her purse). Anyway, I called AAA so they could come out and unlock the doors. Like usual, they were going to take hours and I had to be somewhere, so I decided to try and get into the car w/out damaging anything. As you all know, Cougars don't have a doorframe that goes completely around the glass in the door. When the door is shut, the glass presses against a hollow rubber gasket. The key here is HOLLOW. They made the hollow part of the gasket very large. This means you can press it down and open a gap (between the glass and the frame of the car) almost an inch in diameter.

Knowing this, I took a flimsy piece of wood that had been broken to a point on one end (the same dimensions as a wooden paint stir, just longer and flimsier) and carefully worked it between the gasket and the window glass.

I then feed the wood thru until the end came to the window button on the door.

I pushed the piece of wood up on the outside (which made the wood contort under the pressure) adding pressure to the end of the wood on the button. This is why it must be flimsy; When it contorted, the top edge of the wood pushed against the window giving it leverage to push the button down. Enough pressure, the window rolled down.

IT TOOK ME ONLY 3 MINUTES TO BREAK INTO THE COUGAR!!!! And I damaged absolutely NOTHING! I could have just as easily unlocked the door w/ the button. That's it. I know it's a little complicated, but it works (unfortunately I don't have the Cougar anymore, or I'd take some pics of the process). Peace.

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I tried to break in to my car once, while the engine is off and doors locked, I did the same thing, but only I found out that the unlock button wouldn't unlock the doors when you hit that button...I guess its some security feature, but I can just pull the bar to "lift" the door handle inside to open the door...The alarm went off, but what's the use?!
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