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I need a machanic who knows this car and doesnt try and destory like the last mechanic nealry did. All i can say is it was great car until a tiny leak in the radiator that I got replaced but the fan until is not actually secured in place and wobbles around. They put the spark array in the wrong order and said I ran it hot I the needle went over half way for a few seconds, It over heated more than on the road

Failure Modes: It is common for these to fail. In particular, they frequently will work fine when cool but then fail once the engine gets hot. Usually they fail to OPEN the butterfly valves, which means that your engine will choke around 4,000 RPMs or so because it's not getting enough air. Sometimes they fail to CLOSE which means your engine will run poorly under about 3000 RPMs.

The hoses the air the motor needs to run started break because they are twenty years old. I tried ford across road and service centre was not answering. I dont want to keep it for money I wanted to keep because it was the best driving car I have owned, I felt comftable and happy driving, new cars are not electric in Aus so I can keep it for another ten years beacuse I cant see anything changing anytime soon. If it was a horse, no matter what I would always the feel its gives, friends compared it to a jaguar as good or better when a passenger.

Does anyone know anyone in Sydney with a ford Cougar mechanic who knows please. Its been 4 weeks with only a call Rods mobile mechanic and he knew what I have written. He said where is Warwick Farm?
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I burned my hand because im trying to do it myself cause unless I pay them **** knows more than I have they wont fix it, You have to school to be mechanic? Correct? If you practise with that certifacate you have commited Fraud.
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