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Little Bastards

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For like the last year or so some kid(s) have been screwing around with us. I think somebody hates my dad and i...probably cause we're always bitching at one of the stupid kids for something. Every now and then i would find something stuffed in our mailbox. Bird's nest, leaves, misc trash that was laying on the ground, whatever. Well yesterday i walk out to my car getting ready to head off to school. I get in start it up and look out the rear view mirror. Then i see this green clump in the corner of my rear window. "WTF?", i say. So i get out and walk to the back only to find this huge clump of dirt and wet grass sitting on top of my trunk. Now i'm pissed. And i swear to god if i ever find out who is doing this **** it's going to take every ounce of my strength not to strangle the little turd to death...:mad:

Now since it's illegal to kill and i'm not allowed to punch a minor i need to find another punishment i can give to the little ass. The only thing i can think of is make them clean my car till i'm satisfied. Any suggestions? I will find out who the prick is and i will make them pay. I know i'm wasting my time and i know i should just drop it. But i'm sick of this crap.

Just one more reason why i wish i had my own place with a garage...
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wow, that sucks. hmmmm, what to do to them....... i dont know of anything good off the top of my head, but if i think of anything, i will definatly let you know
I know what you could do :evil: Since YOU cannot hit a minor just send JAMallott out on their ass, that will teach em
:evil: ROAR!!!! IM FIERCE!!!! :evil:
Time for a stakeout. I am not sure exactly what I would do but NOBODY messes with my car! I dont care how young or old they are. And dont be so surprised if it isnt little kids either. My problem was a freaking 60+ year old A$$hole at work!

I know that if it were kids I would consider a paintball attack when they entered the yard- that hurts like hell especially for a kid (and they are trespassing). If older then get pics and prosecute. At the very least it is criminal michief and might be more if they damage anything. Also, remember that is is a FEDERAL offence to mess with mailboxes. You cannot put anything in a mailbox that wasnt stamped and gone through the post office- big brother has to get his share ;)
Oh- and I would go around the neighborhood and speak to all parents and let them know that if any kid is caught messin around you will inform the police (and if you havent filed anything should, tell them you did anyway). Maybe the parents (if not also a-holes) will scare the kids into not doing it anymore.
....I can defiantly be a testament for the mailbox's not fun, especially when it involves gasoline yea well that was a interesting experience. Who'd a thought that it could be considered terroristic threats :evil: (Long story)
Or just send the BadAss crew on them. I mean we almost had to in Cleveland we can always have a stake out for ya and then do what needs to be done. Just let us know. And no one ever messes with my car, I think because about everyone whos ever around my car knows their role.
Some kids were playing around the parking lot with a kick ball, the one kid went to kick and missed. The ball hit my car and set off my alarm. I heard it and came out swinging, by the time the dust cleared 3 kids on the ground and an ambulance screaming down the road........not really but the first part about the ball was true. I was pissed, damn ohio for not being a conceal and carry. :evil:
haha, i was reading that johnny, and i was like, woah, you beatup some kids so uch the ambulance came??? then i finished reading the story, and was like, oh ok. i was kinda scared at first.
There are these kids at the top of my street who think that the side and middle of the road is "the place to be". They're out there all day on the weekends and they always have a ball. Nothing makes me more nervous then kids with balls/sticks/rocks, etc. on the street. They seem to be OK though. They wait for you to go by then resume playing in the road. But watch out cuz most kids aren't so great. One time some kids were playing in a ditch by my old house. I drove by and they threw rocks at me. Yeah, I was in my Civic :loser: but still. I volunteer Mallott to kick some a$$ for you.
Hmmm, i'm liking the idea of having aaron beat some ass. Only one problem. The kids that are doing it are, at most, 12 or 13. Paintball gun is out of the question...can't afford to get my dad and i kicked out of the apartment. Steakout is a good idea. I park my car in a parking lot next to the apartment cause there isn't enough room for both dad and i to use the driveway. I can see my car from the kitchen window, but the view is limited and i have to stand on my toes to see. I could also hide in the patio and peer thru the fence. But i'm not sure if i'll be able to see much. Only problem is i won't be able to do it every day as i have school on tuesdays and thursdays, so i have to go to bed early thus missing them when they get home from school. No point in talking to the parents. They are equally ignorant as their kids. I've done everything except threaten bodily harm to the people in the apartment adjacent to ours (ei: on the other side of my bedroom wall) cause they won't quit slamming their damn door all the time while i'm trying to sleep. Sending the Badass crew in is a good idea, but a waste of good Badass power. The kids around here are extremely dense...i'm beginning to wonder if the the term "bonehead" applies.
I had a similar experience with kids and a kickball. Since i park in the far corner of the parking lot i'm always watching for kids playing around about nerve racking. Summer of last year i looked out the window and saw a bunch of kids playing with a kickball. They'd kick it as high as they can and another kid would go chase it. Mind you this parking lot isn't very big. It can probably fit 10 - 12 cars at best...that is if the other retards would learn to park. Anyways, when i looked out i saw the ball go up and then come right back down and bounce off my rear window. The kid ran up, grabbed the ball and looked around. I put my shoes on and ran out and proceeded to ***** the little ****s out. It pisses me off especially cause there's a small yard across the street that isn't used and they can go play over there.
damn ohio for not being a conceal and carry

I've also seen kids throw rocks around my car. I also caught and bitched at a kid one time about 2 years ago cause he was playing with some wires inside a opened box on a telephone pole. I called the pigs...i mean cops and when they showed up (about a half hour later...) i pointed the box out to them. They called the telephone company on their radio and informed them of the box. It went untouched for about 6 months till someone finally came out and wrapped a plastic bag over it :stupid:
I also remember about 2 years ago after i got home from work. I was getting ready to step out of my car when i saw a kid walking by that just got off the bus. Well, i watched him walk down the street a bit then stopped and started to take a piss by the telephone pole...which was right in front of his house:rofl:
I'm not going to worry about calling the cops this time. As they might not ever do it again. But if something else happens that phone will be in hand.
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Get a alarm with a shock sensor and turn it way up, or get a proximity sensor. The Shock seems to work well for me, I'll look out the window and know whether to come out packing.
As, ill-luck would have it I noticed the old man at work snooping around my car again last night. I was park 3 spaces away from the chain link fence that separates the fuel island from the parking lot at work (I spend most my time there and pretty much watch my car the entire time now). So the guy meets his buddy (who is parked right next to me.) and they start to walk towards the building. Thinking everything was fine I started to walk away (I'm maybe 40 feet from my car and them). I turned and looked back and notice that Jim (the A-hole) was now walking to catch up to his buddy...walking away from my car:mad: I didnt see him touch it though the drivers mirror may or may not have been adjusted (his old calling card was to bend the sh!t out of my mirrors). Thanks to the rain and darkness at 4am I couldnt find any damage but tonight I think I am going to set up the video camera. I know what time he arrives so I will go out a few minutes earlier and set the cam up and let it roll. If I catch him so much as looking at my car again then it is time for action. Torn between the legal approach and destroying his nice new Dakota bout some loose lug nuts A-hole!
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I've definately been thinking about getting an alarm of some sort. I'm tired of these little bitches messing with our stuff all the time.
An alarm with a shock sensor? Does it shock them when they try to touch the car? If so that may be something fun to watch, lol. Too bad electricity doesn't flow thru fiberglass (or does it?) cause of my hood and front bumper...and my fenders will be too if i ever get them:rolleyes:

On a completely irrelevent side note: I saw a crappy looking red Geo Metro with chrome rims on it earlier today:rofl: Also, gotta love that kid that works at the speedway gas station with a baby blue front bumper on his crappy honda civic.
Shock meaing vibration, impact, stuff like that. My bad. You can adjust the sensitivity on it so if the wind blows it sets off the alarm, there's also several stages, I have 2. If you give it a tap, like closing the gas door, or trying to open the door and letting the handle snap back It just beeps at you. But if you give it a good wack with your hand it will go off. You can adjust this by a screw. Hope it helps, installation is a biatch
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