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Hey All,

I just bought a Lightning audio Capacitor and as this is the first one i've ever needed (I always had smaller amps, but this PPI amp just sucks power down like a *****). I hooked it up to let the cap charge and its been charging for like 5 hours now and the stupid little light still hasn't gone out to signal its charged. How long should this take???


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Ahh it keeps getting better. I let my genius of a friend hook up the charging doodle.. well the reason it was taking so long to charge is cuz he managed to hook it up backwards!! Needless to say, i think the cap is fried now. The little pressure relief thingie is all pushed out and bubbled. This mean its fried??

Thanks guys!


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Hooking up a cap is pretty easy, but if you screw it up those things have been known to explode! Not to mention that messing with the polarity could, like, start a fire.....

The easiest way is to use a breaker at the battery (flipped off, or use a fuse holder with no fuse). That way you're not playing with live wires when hooking up the cap to your main power and ground cable. The runs from the cap to the amps should be as short as possible for optimum performance. MAke sure your + and - are good connections. When you have everything hooked up, flip the switch (or insert the fuse). Inserting a fuse will probably cause a spark, so that's why most installers prefer breakers. With the engine running, the cap should be fully charged in a matter of minutes.

Just avoid the whole live wire thing, and you'll live to enjoy the results.....

Good Luck!
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