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Let's liven things up!

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Things are dead here! We should liven things up with an event! I was thinking of something on the lines of a scavengerr hunt or a road rally... Anyone interested? Have a better idea? Elaborate on this idea? We could end the event with a party at night or something.

This is something we could plan for in January so people could get the weekend off and we could make some elaborate plans.

Ok Mass/Conn Lets get creative!!!
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i like the scavenger hunt idea...with a party at the end of course :) :beer::thumbsup:
You've got my attention. Can we make it like the gumball rally?
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I'm down with anything as long as there's a party involved.:banana:
You can come chill here. Rumor has it that Tom Brady is dating Tara Reid.. We can track her down and be like 'yo *****' whatup
Anyone else interested? And what the hell is the gumball rally? We should set a tentative date...
I'm long as it's not 20 below & a blizzard. :ugh: If you're interested in a date in January, the only one that doesn't work for me is Sat the 17th - we have inventory, so I know I'll be stuck working.

Originally posted by: DNNYBOY33
And what the hell is the gumball rally?
Are you for real???:banhim:

Anyways, I should be in for anything. maybe its time for indoor go-karts again.
Ok, I just thought of a cool idea for a scavenger hunt! I can't tell you the details or I will give the whole thing away... If anyone has a place we can establish as the "final checkpoint" and the after party, then that will most likely be the town this scavenger hunt will go down in.

If anyone wants to volunteer to host the "final checkpoint/afterparty" location please PM me. I would prefer someone with a house that won't have a problem with space for 20 people and has parking nearby for all those Cougars! As soon as we determine the location we can all agree on a date. From there I will formulize the hunt!

This is gonna be cool! :biggrin:
I would SOOO be down for some go-karts.... mainly because they are RIGHT in my town :biggrin: and we should do it like... this coming week... tuesday or monday.
hmmm I may be in.. depends on the $$ situation and when. Karts is more my style, and if it occurs during snowy weather, then Minion, not Felinore, would be in attendance.

fear the evil black truck
Trust me Jay, this will be right up your alley... Whatever vehicle!

Where is Ann and Ron? They would make an intriguing team in this hunt...
No weeknights for me, unless its next friday or over the christmas break.
We should all meet in NYC and race to Vegas!!! I'll have an Elvis impersonator give the winner some donuts or something :)
Ok, this idea is going down the tubes real quick... :banghead:
Originally posted by: DNNYBOY33
Ok, this idea is going down the tubes real quick... :banghead:

I think others are just throwing ideas out - possibly things that could be done before the end of the year -- and be able to work out details for this with plenty of time for people to be able to plan for attending it. I'd volunteer my place to meet up afterwards, except...first no parking to speak of and 2nd - there's almost as much room in my Cougar as my apartment! Once you find someone to host afterwards, just set a date with them, and either people will come or not....but no matter how few show, it'll still be a blast by the sounds.

We're here..............we're up for it. We'll have to get in touch to coordinate details with those really interested.
I'm with Kim tho. Big SNOW, no GO. Other than that.........sure, why not?

I actually know that some members of NY neco, or maybe long island wanted to have a snowboard meet(or ski if you are like that :shrug: )
Unless there is a snow storm on the weekend we are doing this there won't be a problem. So far Fly fast has been the only person to offer thier place as a "final Checkpoint" I think the beginning of January would be a good time for the hunt. The 10th and the 11h should give everyone involved enough time to get the days off and plan...

What does everyone else think?

The winners will recieve an official: "Mass/Conn Scavenger Hunt Trophy!"
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