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LED washer nozzels - Picture!

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Took this tonight, thought someone might like to see what they look like...

Follow the link because *someone* wont let us do anything anymore...
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Dude, that actually looks kinda cool!
Hey Wolf, your license plate almost says WILDCAT in elite hax0r type. if only that V was a W!
Pretty slick; How's it done?
1) It is a W.. W1LDC47... no one gets it usually and if they do they just make fun of me for it... I like it though, I got it from Test Drive 5 where all the oponents have sweet as hell licence plates hehe...
2) You buy these LED washer nozzels from Pefection Performance (?) for like $25 and install them replacing your old ones... then run the wires to whereever, I connected mine to my fog lights cause I wanted them on constantly, not just when I was turning...
are those the hyper white LED washers?
yep... red or blue is illegal... though the hyper whites do have a blueish tint to them
They do look pretty sweet, I can't wait to get my pics developed.......
Can't say whether I like it or don't like it but geez what will they think of next?
Yup Yup, those are the biggest hype around CT now...I'll be getting vred ones soon!!!!
Know the actual website where you can get them.....I really want those.
Click this link for another thread w/ more info:LED Sprayer Nozzles update

Autodynamic (tel.# 626-288-7210) has them (that's where I ordered mine; Should be here next week). Make sure to specify what color you want in the comments space on the Checkout page.

Speedpeople told me on the phone (tel.# 1-877-502-6837) that they will have them on Fri and will update their website Fri or Sat w/ pics and prices. However, they just emailed me today and said that they won't have them for a couple more weeks. (??) So who really knows w/ them.

Perfection Performance also sells them, but from what DEV said, they are a shady company and probably should be avoided (see 1st link for more info). Anyway, here is their info. Hope this helps.

Perfection Performance
7443 Center St.
Mentor, OH 44060
EMAIL [email protected]
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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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