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1) It is a W.. W1LDC47... no one gets it usually and if they do they just make fun of me for it... I like it though, I got it from Test Drive 5 where all the oponents have sweet as hell licence plates hehe...
2) You buy these LED washer nozzels from Pefection Performance (?) for like $25 and install them replacing your old ones... then run the wires to whereever, I connected mine to my fog lights cause I wanted them on constantly, not just when I was turning...

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yep... red or blue is illegal... though the hyper whites do have a blueish tint to them

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Click this link for another thread w/ more info:LED Sprayer Nozzles update

Autodynamic (tel.# 626-288-7210) has them (that's where I ordered mine; Should be here next week). Make sure to specify what color you want in the comments space on the Checkout page.

Speedpeople told me on the phone (tel.# 1-877-502-6837) that they will have them on Fri and will update their website Fri or Sat w/ pics and prices. However, they just emailed me today and said that they won't have them for a couple more weeks. (??) So who really knows w/ them.

Perfection Performance also sells them, but from what DEV said, they are a shady company and probably should be avoided (see 1st link for more info). Anyway, here is their info. Hope this helps.

Perfection Performance
7443 Center St.
Mentor, OH 44060
EMAIL [email protected]
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