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Last pics of me and the Coug

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Well, the time has come for me. I bought a new car and took some last pics with the Cougar. I'm gonna go ahead and keep it a surprise, since I don't have the car yet. All I can say is it's new for 2006 :biggrin: The paperwork is done, I'm just waiting for the car to arrive at the dealership, it's still in transit. Should be sometime this week, or next week at the latest. Enjoy!

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I hope you didn't get the new eclipse......

Everybody is selling their cougs...... You will miss it, believe me. :cry:
PLEASE tell me you took that body kit off and will have it for sale!
My guess is the Eclipse, but I for one, like them :thumbsup:
Originally posted by: Sunni
My guess is the Eclipse, but I for one, like them :thumbsup:
Yeah me too :thumbsup:

I can't really think of anything else new for '06 :shrug:
Gonna miss seeing pics of your car. Was definitely one of my favorites because of how clean and tastefully modded it was. Did you sell it as is, or should we expect some stuff in the FS section *hint sideskirts hint*?

I'm gonna guess either the Eclipse or the G6. Can't think of anything else new for '06 that would interest a former Cougar owner. Weren't you thinking of getting an RX-8...or am I thinking or somebody else?
I'm selling the car as is. I have an interested buyer, well, actually it's a kid I used to work with, he was obsessed with my car and was always asking me when I was selling it, so he's really excited about it lol. I know you were interested in the sides Rob, sorry about that. You'll come across what you're looking for.

I know I'll miss the car, but I definitely know I won't miss the problems it gave me. Although I did most of the labor myself it was still a pain fixing some of the stuff that went wrong with it. But as of now, it runs great (except for my little gas gauge problem, see Problems section), I just got it inspected so it's good for 2 years.

As for the new Eclipse, I can tell you I didn't buy that. That's what my dad wanted me to get, but I thought it was just too big and bulky, and the front end styling didn't really catch my attention. I was thinking about an RX-8, but scratched those plans when I finally decided it would be too much of a hassle to maintain.

sell outs...
new for 2006...hmm is it the dodge charger?
Originally posted by: Gebby
new for 2006...hmm is it the dodge charger?
nope =) 2-door.

Having test-driven an '05 RX-8, they are not worth the cash. The driveline was sweet though, positive shifting, you knew it was in gear, but no power. I'd like to see the Mazdaspeed version though....... Mmmmmm........
.......seasons are changing soon! Can you say...SOLSTICE???!!!???
Congrats on the purchase man. Hope you stay around Neco still even with the new car, you have a great tastes in music bro :beer:

Ill be joining you eventually in the getting rid of the Cougar club some day.
Everyone's gotta move on someday or another...

Good luck with the new's always sad to see the old ride pull away.

But when you pull away in the new all seems ok again...

I just got that feeling again back in December...and I haven't looked back since...
the Solstice is nice, but we were talking to the salesman about it. He said he didn't like the way the convertible top closed around the back of the car, where the two humps behind the seat are, and that it might be an issue. He also said he'd never buy another convertible after people ripped and punched holes in his BMW convertible top 3 times a couple years ago haha.

George I'll probably still hang around here, as most people do when they buy other cars. This is sort of my online home away from home lol, I always gotta check it to see what's goin on. The kid who's buying my car is actually a friend of mine, so I'll have to tell him about NECO, and maybe you'll see him doin' stuff to my car. He already said he wants to put 17" wheels on it, something I should have done 4 years ago. We'll see what happens.

Check this out, I was going through my stuff in the car and found this:

I bought the car after someone leased it, so they must have left it in there.

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I still can't believe they charged $815.00 for the slushbox o' fury.

BTW. I still miss the heck outa my coug, and that was a year ago.
2006 Civic SI???
nope it's an American car.

ya know....i miss all the vehicles i've owned except the cougar....maybe it was the fact that i had become good friends with every mechanic in town and hung out with them more than friends/girlfriends....
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