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I have two JL Audio 12 W3 V2 subwoofers. There is someone that I know that wants to trade me my subs for his two Kicker 12 Solobaric L7 subwoofers. I have two Alpine MRD- 500 watt amps. In your opinion which would sound better. And which would hit harder for competition wise. My guess would be the Kickers.

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People can flame all they want...

Today I heard a Solobaric L7 12" sub with a kicker 600.1 to it (actually makes about 720 watts).... and I heard a JL Audio W7 with a 1000.1 to it and i really think the kicker sounded better!!

I am runnin 2 8" l7's and they POUND!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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