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Kicker SoloX 18" subs

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I want these!! Two of these in a recent competition beat the world record of 161.2 by 9.9db to raise the bar a touch on the world record. The new record is now 171.1dB!!!

For more details!
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nice! I love Kicker. Right now I got two 12" CompVRs but I really want to get more powerful ones.

Oh what I would do with 4 solo's and a few racks of Crossfire's largest amp's, probably hurt someone.:thumbsup:
They are doing the SoloX series in the 12" and 10" subs as well... goodbye JL W7's... these are gonna out pound anything around..
kicker *drool* I've always been a kicker fan and that Solo X is one piece of hardcore hardware.
do the kicker solox's hit harder than an 18'' titanium eclipse ? i was torn between 15'' or 18'' titanium eclipse or w7s i dont know which but now i heard the record for 2 solox's???? i might change my mind? help me out people
I just priced these baby's out today. For 2 SoloX's, and the 8 amps required to run them properly - without a box, tax, or install - $11,400!!
Nothing... I repeat nothing... will ever out pound a SoloX... EVER! They require 4 1200.1 kicker amps (5000 watts) and once you do that forget about it... no Eclipse or JL sub will touch it... EVER!!!
ebay my friends: Kicker SoloX 18" sub: $825. Kicker 1200.1 amps: $430.

*sigh* how many times will I have to say this? Solo-X is NOT meant to be heard, just metered. It will not sound good AT ALL if you try to actually listen to music with it, ask Kicker.

And I don't know about them being the best one around ;). There are a few to compete

Resonant Engineering MT - Brand new, maybe not even out yet but holy gotta see it!!! (Sorry I'm an RE buff.... :()

edit, wtf? There website is now saying it won an SQ comp....err? Last time I asked them they said NO, its not meant to be listened to....:confused:
I heard one the other day at a local shop with 5000+ watts to it and even though it hits the SQ is still superb...
if your gonna get a solo x and some of crossfires biggest amps? if i were you id go for 3 zapco 2000watt rms amps,
Yeah, the solo-x is insane. It is for SPL ONLY. Why on Earth would you need that much bass for SQ? I think the 18 weighs like 150 pounds?

For an amp, how about the Audiobahn A5000 SPL?

I'd love to show up to a competition and roll a huge rackmount of amplifiers out of the

Did you see the Cougar? Is he a member here?

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wow that amp is insane lol, when is kicker gonna make the perfect amp to match the solo x 18
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