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Kam Sides

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What is all required to instal Kam sides and how are the fitment issues with them? Could I be able to instal them without molding?

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Its all pretty much luck of the draw... cause some folks have had their Kam sides put on with ease....others like myself had more issues than I would like with em. Thats why I got rid of them. You may have better luck than myself, but you also may not. With your Xtreme front Id say go with Millenium sides and not worry about fitment as much as Aerogear makes some quality shiz.
I tried fitting an unpainted pair on my car with no luck. It was kind of bent and didn't sit flush with the car.

Yea, my kaminari sides were a pain in the arse to put on. And once I finally got them to fit on, they didn't sit very flush with the car. It's definitely possible to get them on without molding them though. It'll just take a lot of industrial strenght glues and some rivets/screws. On the other hand, molding your body kit looks much better IMO. It's so much smoother.


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I have the Xtreme front with the Kam sides and love the combination of the two......As far as fitment...mine fit almost perfectly :shrug:
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