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It was an online survey. They wanted to know if I'm interested in the 92 Arc (non-WRX Impreza with 2.5 flat 4) or 92 Aero (WRX - same 2.0 turbo). Apparemtly only the wagon/5 door version of Impreza will be transformed into a Saab. Price was quoted at between $20 to $30k with the Aero model costing $5000 more than Arc.

The mechnical spec sheet for both model seems to be identical to Impreza (I should have taken a screen shot but I forgot...). The Aero model has "sports suspension" and both comes standard AWD like Impreza. They made a big deal about AWD (they asked me if I like my Audi etc. and what I like most about my AWD car).

the photo of the front is the same one circulating the internet while the back view is new... at least I've never seen it. The biggest difference between Arc and Aero (aside from the engine) seems to be the hood scoop and wheels. Also the survey mentioned the Aero model will have aluminum trim inside.

92 Aero front

92 Aero back

92 Arc front

92 Arc back


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