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Just figured I would ask....

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When I get back I am hoping to do something with my system to get the sub box out of the back. I am thinking about a fiberglass enclosure in the wheel well or sides of the trunk, to make room for my air tank. I was just wondering if there were naybody who would like to meet up one weekend and work on this as a project with me since I am pretty much stupid when it comes to that.
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We'd be glad to come down. I know a tad about Fiberglassing. I'm sure between the 3 of us we could get something designed and started. :biggrin:
Hey adrian, depending on the date, Ill see what I can do and lend a hand.

well i probably won't be able to help much but i might come by and throw some cold ones back with ya ;)
I suck at fiberglass work, but if it is at a time that I can get off, then I will help ya. I am sure we could figure something out.

I'm sure Julie and Chas would be up for it! I'd like to help too, so I can do myself a fiberglass enclosure sometime.

We can use my house if need be..Decent sized garage, complete with a refrigerater!
just to let everyone know, something that large cant and wont be finished in one weekend. If you dont have some type of electric sander it will take even longer. Hand sanding something that large will be quite a task. Power sanders along with all the necessary grits are all needed for a project like that really. Adrian I would be able to start it for you, however this isnt something like molding gauge pods onto dash pieces or anything, you have to build from the bottom-up. Also, if you want a proper fiberglass enclosure make you know all the cubic feet of air space required, etc. Its definatly not a fun project if you are pressed for time. Im almost completely with a couple of my glass workings, however working full time and going to school in the evening has put a damper on things.
I am not worried about getting this done in one weekend nor do I think it will happen, but I at least want the fiberglass set and to the point where I can take it to have it sanded down
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