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the heading says it all. they had the Spyder there as well as a Honda S2000, Audi TT, BMW Z3, and MB 230 SLK for comparison. I couldn't take a picture but memorized all the stats for the Alfa:

3.0 DOHC 24V Twin Spark V6, 218 hp, 6 speed MTX, 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds
Standard features include dual front airbags (NO side airbags), CD player with at least 7 speakers (no changer), ABS w/traction contorl, FWD, 205/50-16 wheels on Goodyear Eagle Touring tires, leather seats, power window and locks, manual top with plastic rear window. The fit and finish is acceptable but not nearly as good as Audi or BMW and the material was on the cheap side but still better than Honda.

MSRP: $32,990
Add another $1,200 for ATX.

Compare to $34,850 for Z3 and $35,980 for TT. The SLK was over $40k.
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