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Just wonder who can/wants to makes it too:
Race day at Byron on the 9th?
Get together with the Contour group at Hooters on the 10th?
Just found out the Tweeter, right down the road from Hooters, is having a car show and car audio show on the 10th also. I think the group is going to check that out on Sun too!

Here is a list of some other events and weekly things going on around us:
June 22 TF&TF movie at YorkTown
July 28/29 @ Byron NMRA event
Sept 8/9 @ Cordova Fun Ford Weekend
Sept 16 @ Byron Anderson Ford Shootout
Every Thurs night at Burrito Brothers on Bloomingdale road they have a car show (good burritos too)
Roselle Train Station on Friday evenings
Downtown Lombard on Saturdays
75th and Lemont in Downer's Grove on Friday evening
Elmhurst on Wednesdays
here's a couple websites about such events... ...20Cars.htm

June 13th is Ford night in Elmhurst. Let's get a group of us to go to that!

September 16 is also a nice car show at Ufting Auto Mall in east Peoria.

It would be fun to get together at a couple of these, if the weather ever gets nice again :)

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:( All right, 17 views and no replys :(
Isn't this a Car club? Souldn't we do Car things?
Who can make it to Byron on the 9th?
Who is coming out to meet with the Contours on the 10th?

How about some of the local get togethers?
We will be at Burrito Brothers tonight and will probably stop by 75th Street Fri. night...that is if it ever stops raining!
June 13th for Ford night in Elmhurst is a must! A lot of the Mustang Club guys I hang around with are going and we will have the S-tour and Cougar out there :biggrin:

:) Come on guys/gals, it's sumer time...come out and play :)

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Local? Sorry Karla, but none of this is local for me. :( What day is the 13th? A weekday? A Thursday? I have to work till 11pm. I would like to go to the raceway but I have to work all weekend, I am no fun. My coug is not fast anyway, plus I am clumsey, I would drive into a wall or sumthin :flushed:

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After a long absence, I would like to get more involved.

The only problem is that this weekend is impossible because my girlfriend and I are celebrating our birthday on June 10th (Yes, we have the same birthday, separated by eight years). We're going out clubbing with friends on Friday, shopping for birthday gifts for each other on Saturday, and her parents have a surprise "something" waiting for us on Sunday.

I gotta ask though, what is going on at "75th and Lemont in Downer's Grove on Friday evening"? Whatever it is, does it happen every Friday? I'm curious because that's very close to where I live.

Oh, and Sept 16th sounds good. If my girlfriend can get the day off, she'll want to come too.

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Yep, just a reminder guys on the CEG meeting. 2pm, Hooters on 1110 Perimeter Road (just off of Golf Road) in Schaumburg this Sunday (10th).

I will be at Byron this Saturday (9th) as well. I think some more people from my CEG might be coming out.


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I really badly want to go this weekend to the Contour club and especially Midwest Racing... but my girlfriend graduates college this Saturday and her party on Sunday and I don't think I'll ever get out of the dog house if I skipped her stuff to go play with my car! ;)

Gonna do my best to see TFATF on the 22nd... I graduate the next day, but if my family doesn't come up, then I'm going out!

What's up with 75th&Lemont on Fridays? I live right there. I've seen cars hanging out there, and have heard stories from friends who hang out there... Wouldn't mind stopping by if some other NECO's where going... anybody going tomorrow?

PS: Getting my Visteon Wing today :) really want a Kam Hood, but that isn't happening for a little while. :(

I love CougarFest!
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On July 28 and 29th you can't attend the Byron event BECAUSE YOU.. yes YOU are going to Cougar Fest. Tim: You better let her GO! Cause it is awesome!

Were in Elmhurst on the 13th? What time? I amoff of work at 5. I can make it if it is around 6 or 7 PM.

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WOW...some replys, but it sounds like everyone is busy :(

Wed. the 13th is in downtown Elmhurst and they set up from 5-9ish.
75th and Lemont is a just a hang out. A lot of kids show up there, but a few car clubs are starting to hang out there since Schaumburg is infested with cops now.
28/29 NMRA (National Mustang Racers Association) is an AWESOME event! I will either have the Cobra in the car show or will be racing :biggrin:
Hope that helps!

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First of all, Tim needs his own user name! I look at things and think "I didn't say that!" I want to go to Cougar fest, but the NMRA event and carshow is kind of a big deal for us! Can't really afford to take another mini-vacation anyway. We'll see though, maybe things will change!:)
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