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Jaged's 2023 Autox thread

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Im going to steal Andys idea, and quite frankly my other thread is a massive and im going to try and keep that to the build and issues.

April 16 - 3L
Indiana Northwest Region SCCA opener "The Tax Man Cometh". It was a cold day, but I was running my slicks anyway, because why not. I turned a 30.694 sec raw time, good for 8/63, which translates to 25/63. in PAX. At the lunch break I was 1.8 sec ahead of my competition. i asked him if he thought he would be able to make it up, and he said no so I went home at lunch. It was cold and I had family stuff to do. It warmed up a bit and he gained some time on my, but i still beat him by .65 sec

April 23 -3L
South Bend Region home opener on the freshly paved Tire Rack test track. It was another cold day, temp ended up 50* but it was cloudy and windy. First run went well just feeling out the course and the pavement. It made all kinds of tire noise, even in places it shouldnt, so I was cautious in places i didnt need to be. Had a passenger my second run and put down a banger of a run placing me 3rd raw time. Third run I picked up speed in a slalom but exited it way too fast around a pointer, which cause the back to step out, causing me to go through the next gate almost fully sideways. It worked out for the next element though which I shot right through. It was slower though. I was the only one in my class so I won a fancy SBR class event winner trophy. My 49.2 was good enough for 8/59 RAW time, and and 24/59. I think there was 59 drivers. they were using a new live timing software and it was being glitchy, some of the drivers werent in there.
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April 30- Weather was cold, cloudy, and off and on raining depending on the cloud that rolled through. I had FTD for the first 2.5 runs. I coned my 3rd run which would have been my fastest of the day. The VW GTi that is proving so far to be my main competition for the season pulled ahead of me by .5. After the lunch break I managed to drop .2 sec, but it wasnt fast enough. I ended up .34 sec behind the VW. This makes us even on points for INR. I ended up 10/58 RAW and 19/58 PAX. FTD was a 2010 Porsche Carrera 911 S at 36.03 to my 38.07

We have another event on Mothers day, which sucks. The VW is registered for there, so Ill have work to do. Due do site restrictions we dont have another event until Sept 16, which will be at Grissom AFB. I shouldnt have any problems getting him there, and hopefully ill have my aero sorted out by then.
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Sounds like you need to make a road trip to Ohio for some OVR events this summer. We're hosting a Great Lakes divisional double-header on July 22-23! People would lose it if 2 Cougars showed up for the same event...
I do have that weekend off. It all depends on the garage build. School starts on Aug 14. A good chunk of the people that run there know me from events at Grissom
I have a spare room that you’re welcome to crash in if you like.
Or maybe we could use this excuse to throw a regional meet-up, get Scott and RJ and Scullin and Linkman and Stuart and Frank and the whole crew into Columbus for a weekend hang…
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Its easy for me to find excuses to go that way, I just have doubts about having a running Cougar. I might have to drive the Miata.

...Or I could tow the yellow car and the group can see how fast we can strip it down...that would solve that problem for me :D:unsure:
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