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I see this question a lot, so I thought I'd answer it and let others toss in their two cents (and experiences).

The brake light will activate when the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir is lower than standard. But what does this mean? Should you just top it off?


Check your brake pads. If your brake fluid level is low, nine times out of ten, your brake pads are worn to near the end of their life (Within 5k miles, usually). If your brake pads are not worn, then have the brake system checked.

Why is this happening?

Disc brakes on the Cougar work using a piston/caliper/pad/rotor assembly. What happens is that when the brakes are activated, brake fluid forces the piston further out, which squeezes the brake pads against the rotor. Well, when the pads are worn, there's more fluid in the piston than when the pads were new. When the pads are worn, the fluid in the reservoir is lower, and you're likely to trip the brake sensor (activating the light on your dash) when your pads are worn.

Anyone else have any inputs or any other comments about what happened to them when their brake light (on the dash, no the pad sensor on some early 99's) came on or flickered?
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