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Is there a difference between a worn clutch.....

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and a 'fried' clutch? I tried a smokey burnout the other day, and...uh...the tires didn't break loose (oops). The clutch gave way instead, not a stall, just a really slow bogged launch. I think it is at least partly (if not mostly) due to the new tires I just got, which are pretty sticky. Anyway, now my clutch feels a little soft. Do you think the plate is just glazed over, and will fix itself in time, or is it wearing out?

The car has 36k miles on it. It has been through seven 1/4 mile runs, and has probably been launched hard a dozen or two other times. About half the miles are city driving. Should I start saving my pennies?
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First off you shouldn't be doing "smokey burnouts", very bad for a lot of reasons. Motor mounts, tranny, tires, ect ect.

The way I used to tell if I was having clutch problems might not be the best way to check, but seeing as you are already into destroying your car, you might as well give it a try.

Drive down the street and shift into the next gear early, like if you are in second @ 4k rpms, shift into third and slam the gas. Does your car bog or does the clutch brake loose? That is an easy way to tell.

I drive my car hard, but no burn-outs nor many actual races, and I am at 35.5k with no clutch problems.

Good luck.
Well, I'll probably never try it again, this was the first time I actually TRIED to spin out. I know my previous tires would have spun easy. Anyway, I'll keep the idea in mind. Driving through town the last couple days, the car was still responding well to moderate throttle prods at 2-3k rpm, the engagement just feels a little mushy during shifts. I will know for sure this weekend at the drags, better call AAA and warn them ahead of time.

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i would say that if you have a stock clutch, your probably wearing it out. but fett is right about the other damage. theres also something called "Torque Load" thats where you put the tranny under high stress in a short period of time during hard launches, that can strip the gears too, their lined with kevlar and even if your not skipping shifts, you still put them under a lot of stress.
I understand all that 'undue' wear that occurs from hard launching. I'm just trying to figure out if vague clutch feel CAN be temporary, since the material is a 'wearing' item, like brake pads. Oh well, when the clutch dies, I'll know. A worn clutch just seems kinda premature, if you gauge my driving against many others here, who drag way more often, street race a lot, and/or use NOS a lot...and not have clutch problems as of yet.
due to the nature of a clutch construction, they will heat up and cause some fade like brakes that goes away with cooling down, but they will wear depending on driving habits as well.
One more test for clutch:

Try starting in 5th gear. If engine stalls, clutch fine. If engine stay on and you don't move, replace clutch.
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