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interior light, trunk light, and side mirrors

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my interior light and trunk light are not working. they both were working and then i pulled them out, to find the bulb size and then when i put them back in they did not work, at first i thought i blew the lights, but then when my clock stopped telling the correct time ( temp gauge, and all other units work) and my side mirrors stopped working, i started wondering. lights and mirrors, maybe blown fuse, clock, i dunno? any feedback is appreciated. thanks in advance!
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Check your fuses, you might have blown one. But it sounds like a short.
I'm pretty sure on a Cougar that all the symptoms you mentioned run through the same fuse. Pull it and see if it's burnt.
I'm definitely no mechanic but it sounds like a fuse. I had this happen. I couldn't figure out why the temp guage was so far off and then would catch back up on my drive to work and from work. And then figured out the overhead light and mirrors weren't working when I read that they were all connected to the same fuse. I checked the fuse and everything looked fine until I realized after a few minutes that the car had a 7 amp fuse instead of a 5. I switched and put in a new 5 amp and everything has been fine ever since. I still don't understand why there was a 7 in there if there was supposed to be a 5. I guess someone was sleeping on the assembly line or something. It worked fine for about 1.5 I guess it was alright.

Check the fuse.....It's supposed to be a 5.

I did the same thing when replacing my trunk light it is the fuse.
thank u
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