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Double check with a serive manual for exact specs and procedures, but here is a generic guide:

1) Raise the car and support on jack stands.

2) Remove wheel.

3) Remove brake components and hang caliper out of the way.

4) Make sure to mark the connecting bolts on the bolt head and the steering knuckle to ensure proper realignment upon reinstallation.

5) Unbolt Strut assembly from steering knuckle.

6) Unbolt Strut from strut mount.

7) Compress Spring using proper tool.

8) Remove locking nuts from strut rod.

9) Remove spring.

Caution: When uncompressing spring do so slowly and evenly.

Installation is opposite of removal.

Rear springs should be similar.

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just a quick one on this... to remove the struts there is one bolt at the top of the front ones by going through the hood... for the rear you have two small bolts from going inside the wheel well and looking up, they are attached to a plate... also when removing the strut (after all bolts are removed) you may want put a 2X4 on the jack end to end on the strut bracket and jack that up, then take a BFH (Big f'in hammer) and hit the hub assembly a few times downwards... .when i did mine i just kinda kicked it down and the strut fell out....

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to add i would use a rubber mallet to hit it, that is solid iron, not aluminum, it will not bend, it will break and shatter, and then your fudged. also loosen it up with some WD-40 first and work it back and forth and it should slide out easy.
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