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Well, I've searched NECO and haven't found a detailed How-to that'll comfort my fear of removing my ECU. So far.. I've removed the black cap by the ECU but all I saw were wires.. nothing that'll fit my Diablo chip in there.. maybe I'm just stupid.. But could someone write me a how to.. Thanks.

Easy as pie...

Step 1) Ensure car is parked where you want it to be while you do this. Unlock doors and put keys in pocket (why not...)
2) Open hood and disconnect negative terminal of battery (black)
3) Standing at nose of car, look to the "back left" of the engine bay (i.e., passenger side). Just behind the strut tower is a white plastic reservoir. This is your power steering reservoir. Walk over to it and lift it straight up - it will slide right out with minimal coaxing.
4) Underneath the reservoir you will see a black box-looking thing with a single bolt in the center - this is the wiring harness on the back side of the ECU.
5) Loosen that bolt. It will not come all the way out as it is permanently fixed to the harness, but it will loosen all the way. Once you have it loosened, unplug the harness.
6) Underneath passenger side dash is your ECU. There is a bracket holding it up now that it isn't connected to the wiring harness - loosen the bolt holding that down.
7) Remove bracket
8) Catch ECU as it slides into your hands
9) Now follow the directions Diablo provided for opening the ECU to clean the contacts for the chip.

Now just reverse these steps to re-install. After you've done it a couple times, you will be able to do this in 5 minutes or less. Good luck! PM me with any other questions you might have...
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