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?Installing an A/F & Volt Guage?

Does anyone know how to install these gauges? I have a A-pillar pod and want to install the guages myself... but I don't even know how to get the wire into the engine bay... or where to hook the wire.

Can someone help or point me into the right direction?


For the A/F look a few posts below this one...


Not sure about the Volt guage. But I would assume you can run the wires the same as Dan did it.


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I installed voltmeter. Instead of tapping the ignition wire like DanG did (because I just have a thing against cutting/tapping my ignition wire) I used a fuse-tap to the instrument cluster fuse in the fuse box. On the back of the gauge, there are 3 poles, and 2 wires for the bulb. To make my gauges quik-disconnect if I need to remove them, I used butt connectors. I tied the ground wire from the lamp and a ground wire to the ground pole together to one connector, put a connector on the positive lamp lead, and put a wire and connector on the positive lead for the voltmeter. I ran the wire I fuse-tapped to the voltmeter's positive lead, ran a wire from the dimmer switch to the lamp positive lead, and grounded the whole thing on one of the huge torx-head bolts in the door frame area.. There should be instructions in the gauge packaging...
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