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I recently bought the short shifter and after many minutes of working with it, i finally figured out how to install it. There are instructions here about how to install a shifter on a 99 but an 01 is a little different.
Here it goes:

1. You must take out the center console. just find all the screws and remove them.

2. You will be left with the shift tower and a bare shifter. Unhook the cable that is connected to the bottom of the shifter. you will have to look under the black tower.

3. take of the top part of the black tower. it is held on by four screws at the top. do not lose these screws.

4. this is where the difference comes in on the 2001. you must remove the bolt that is holding the shifter in place. to do this you have to look on the left side of the black tower. there is a spider looking cap on the end of the bronze colored bolt. be gentle and spread the ends of the cap away from the bolt. be careful not to break the ends of b/c you will have to reapply this cap at the end.

5. use a flat head screwdriver and pry the cap from the end of the bolt. when the cap is off, lightly tap the bolt until it comes through the black tower. this will release the shifter. you do not have to remove the entire bolt and all the attachments. just pull it out far enough that you can release the shifter.

6. unhook the shifter and gently pull it out.

7. grease the new shifter and replace. rehook everything and enjoy the shorter throw.

if you got any questions just IM or email me: [email protected]
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