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I found a great shortcut when installing my SuperChips module. To install it, first go under the hood, and on the passenger side, look behind the suspension support (the big car-colored thing) and lift the transmission fluid reservoir straight up. When you look down, at about a 45 degree angle, you'll see the computer connector a 1" x 4" black connector with a 10mm screw in the center. Use a socket to remove the screw, then gently lift the cover off. It may stick a little, but be sure to not tug too hard at the ground wire (unless you unscrew that from the frame.
Now here's where the trick comes in. Go to the passenger's footwell, and look right above the carpetline close to the side of the car. Remove the 10mm screw holding the white plastic bracket. Rotate the bracket to either side and remove it. You can then slide the computer towards you and remove it.
After scraping the contacts, wiping clean, and installing your module, just slide it back in, mount and screw the bracket, then go topside to reconnect under the hood. DONE!

Every set of instructions I've seen for these fails to mention that you may be able to remove the computer from the passenger compartment. In this particular case, that is infinitely easier than pulling it through the engine bay.

Right now, there appears to be marginally more response, though I should give it a few days before making any blanket statements about it. My fuel economy seems better too, but we'll see how things pan out in the days to come.

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