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install AEM intake...

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OK i had the Injen intake on, and it fit perfectly. I just got the AEM one yesterday, and spent about three hours in my garage trying to put it on. I need a couple of questions answered. First, the three hoses that connect to the pipe with the three outlets closest to the TB do not fit right, they seem to be too long because those outlets are not in the right spot. The hose in front, the one that goes under the engine cover, is sticking up too high; the thicker hose that goes towards the back of the engine is a mess, so I just replaced it with my own hose, but I have to clamp it down or else it slides off the intake pipe, and the third tube that goes toward the back of the engine is at a horrible angle..the outlet isn't straight like it was on the Injen pipe, this one points at a downward angle. And also, with that bracket, are we supposed to use that? Because I think if I bolt it down, the intake will be too high to close the hood...anybody experience these problems with their AEMs?

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i installed my aem intake, but i'm not using that bracket because I lost something for it, but the intake is just fine kind of floating there. It took me about an hour and a half to install it, thats including supper.

The intake didn't fit when I tried using the bracket. Yea and the hose that goes toward the back is weird. Mine kind of gets pinched.
had no problems with mine. directions were very easy
oh the directions were fine, but some hoses just didn't fit right...some angles were off and such, I had to bend the hoses more than they were before.

I had problems with mine too. First, one of the hose clamps they sent me was the wrong size, so I had to go and get a new one of those. And, the fattest hose that gets hooked up, mine was too short, so I had to replace the whole hose. The bracket that holds the intake down, that wouldn't fit either, so mine's "floating" there too. Other than that, great intake, the install was easy.
yeah i had no prblem at all. took like 30 mins. had to cut some of the hoses shorter. im using bracket and closes fine. you have to angle the intake slightly down
problem with mine too. I made my own hoses, and/or cut down the stock hoses...
i have it and did not have issues besides the hoses not going on 100%. I still need to fix that. Otherwise came out perfect
the part with the 4 bolts on mine was f'd they didnt drill the right size holes for the bolts so i spent 45 min and had to go searchin for some new bolts to get it to fit on.
So, in conclusion.. Don't buy AEM Intakes?
Originally posted by: seven
So, in conclusion.. Don't buy AEM Intakes?
I never had problems with mine, I've had it on for over 2 years, and installing it was pretty easy :shrug:
hell i had mine on in 20 minutes with no problems what-so-ever
Wheres the cheapest place to get one of these? As of today 4/14 The best I can find is $130 incl shipping on ebay
That might be the cheapest you can find it for. As far as I know, sells it for $159 shipped, which isn't too bad.
I just ordered my AEM from yesterday. I hope I don't run into some of the problems you guys did installing it.
What is the main difference between these and the ones with just an adapter and the filter? I bought one off of ebay for like 24 bucks. It is a boz I think, did have some problems with it not fittung snug. What are these hoses you all are talking about? Anyone have any pics so as to better understand what i am doing.Thanx....Jamie
Can you buy just the AEM MAF adapter? I like that design, it seems like it would flow much better then most adapters. My MAF seems smaller then the rest of the piping :shrug: Don't know if it'd be worth it or not.
i know this is off topic but i noticed that the power dist. box is almost in the same place in your pic's and the battery is on it's side but you are still able to fit your intake ext on the side i can't figure out how to fit the ext for the cold air pipe in with out moving the power dist. box under the battery
OK, I'm wondering something.

Why did you switch from Injen to AEM? Is the AEM a better performance SRI? I'm getting an Injen from Skywalker, and planning on getting the GMK extension sometime not too far off.
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