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From the Saturnalia site:

Well the initial Bonneville results are in.

The first run resulted in 197.8 mph, which set a new record for the G/BFALT class. The second run to back that up was over 200 mph! exactly 204.7 mph bumping the record. The third run was even faster at 211.862 mph and they are scheduled to run the return pass in the morning to set a new record.

The G/BFALT class is the one of the classes the Vortech/Progress Honda Civic made so popular over the last few years. Too bad the Saturn ION Redline just toasted the old speed record (183.087 mph) by almost 30 mph and the weekend isn't over yet.

Go, domestic, huh?

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"killer hubcaps man!!!"

wow! that saturn is fast............. wait, did i just say saturn and fast in the same sentence??
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