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I wanted to add some side skirts to my Cougar for functional reasons (and esthetic). I have a set of some older Drift style skirts, but I hate how bulky and minimally functional they are. As well, I have a side exit exhaust and I would have had to cut them up a bit to make them work. Functionally, I wanted them to reduce the amount of air getting under the car as much as possible. Visually, I wanted them to reduce the stink bug 4x4 look of the car from the front 3/4 view, also they needed to be cheap and easy to replace as its a race car and s#!t happens sometimes.

So, I mulled this over in my head a bunch of times and walked around in different stores until one day at Home Depot, BINGO! I bought 2 white vinyl eavestroughs, cut off the wiggly side and kept the flat back face and the 90 degree mounting face. Cut them to length, Riveted them in place using 3" steel shelving brackets to support the outer face, cut a hole in the side for the exhaust and bingo, functional, inexpensive side skirts that have taken a beating this year and still look great.

Home Depot, allowing racers to build home aero for over 20 years...



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