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I started a NJ Cougar group on MySpace. I know a few of you guys know what MySpace is, but for anyone who doesnt, its pretty much a networking site where you can find you friends/people you havent seen in a while/new friends and leave them messages, post them comments, etc. In addition to posting your own pictures and interests and all that stuff, you can also start/join groups. Theres already a NECO group on there with 100 something members.

I hope this can garner some new interest in NJ NECO, get some new members, and pump some new life into our chapter. If this is off topic (mod), feel free to delete it. If not, please check it out, make an account (free), and join so Im not the only member on there lol.

Link to NJ Cougar Club Group
Link to my MySpace profile
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