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I got back.

So heres what I need. stock front bumpers. If anybody has some laying around they want to sell cheap or want to trade for something let me know.

I'm gonna start tearing apart tommorrow and I'll start posting pics. I'm going to use my computer site to link to so I don't clutter the threads and I can keep things updated easier as far as what is gone and what isn't

On dibs, thats fine, I'll hold for 5 days after that dibs is off. I just need to get this stuff sold to recoup my money from the trip and the car. I'm actually really surprised on the shape everything is in. really good condition. (that I've seen so far)

K I'm tired and rambling. good to be back in ohio. Maryland is beautiful, I recommend visiting there, staying in laurel Knights inn and going to the remington, getting drunk and doing a male impersonation of britney spears.... I was drunk.
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