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hey, what's up, haven't been on the computer much, saying hi to everyone!

I was at aircougars house a while back for a meet, red 02 XR is anyone remembers...

anyways, last weekend an outfit came thru to my local circle track called 100 foot drags, it's pretty much what it sounds like, 100 foot drag racing

about 75 cars showed up, any where from a 53-54 vette to a 06 civic SI and anything in between there. had fun beating chevelle's, camero's and 5 liters. The best time I ran was a 3.0, the best time run all day was a 1.97 but a duster with some serious **** in it. It's all legit to, they got a tree, R/T, 90foot time and your 100 ft time. No 60 foot time tho :(. They said they are coming back soon.

100 Foot Drag Racing News is there website.

Would be cool to see if we could make a meet out of it or something, it's down in Waterford, CT if anyone wants in on the next one i'll try to give ya a good warning.

Thanks! C-ya!
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