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HELLO EVERYONE!! I hope you all had a great weekend. At least it didn't rain! We have an ACTION PACKED SPRING FOR IL NECO!! YIPPIE!!!

I just want to remind you that we have a meet this Sunday in Schuamburg at the top of Gameworks parking garage. The says it isn't suppose to rain and the high of 70. So it will be PERFECT. We will be meeting at NOON to stare at cute cars, eat and whatever else we want to do! Jay (Pikachu) is looking forward to this meet. He has been telling me everyday! Email me if you need directions to gameworks or if you want to meet at my house first. I believe we will have a BIG IL NECO turnout!

This will be at Busse Woods in Schaumburg. I rented out a pavalion for the day. WE NEED A GRILL! If we dont' get one, then I guess we can order pizza. Al's (the chef) will be making steakburgers, corn on the cob, hamburgers and hot dogs if we get a GRILL! Please email me if you are interested in coming, we need to have enough food.

I would appreciate if people could help Al out for paying for the food. BESIDES A GRILL, we also we need buns, beer, pop (jenny has taken care of the Dr. Pepper), burger additions (cheese, katschup, mustard, etc.) and utensils. Email me if you are interested in helping out.

I also feel that the NECO members in the Chicagoland area can help provide all the items we need to have this cookout. Some WI NECO and IL NECO members will already be driving hours to come, so I don't think we should make them bring anything for this event!

GREAT AMERICA, June 17th (tentative)
It is tentative because I haven't asked Jenny if this is a good day, nor have I asked Jeff if we could use his apartment lot to store cute cougars for the day there.

Motor Cities NECO will be coming to Chicago for this event because Prrrrrrrt and some other dude is going to submit their car. I also heard rumors Amber from WI NECO will be showing off her car also. I asked Motor Cities if they want to meet, however, they haven't even figured out what they are doing. (Aren't you happy to have me.. i plan MONTHS in advance). I have no clue where, when, how to meet. Jenny is in charge of that.

I have realized that Peoria area has 1/4 of our members. Would anyone from this area be interested in setting up some meetings? I would also like IL NECO fest to be there! Email me if you are interested!

I emailed the guy about the Great Lakes Dragaway (it is in WI). I will see if we can get the track to ourselves. If it doesn't work out, we will have a meeting when they have their "fun racing" days as they call them.

They have a NEW registery! If you don't know if you registered or not you can SEARCH TO SEE IF YOU ARE THERE!!! This is important for NECO. I have given you the WEBPAGE and what to click on and EVERYTHING. It takes a few minutes of your time!

To register your cougar for NECO:

I will assume that if you have not registered your cougar by April 30th, you no longer own a cougar! SO REGISTER (because I know some of you MALES do have a cougar!!)

I hope everyone has a great week. Roll down those windows, let the music blast in your ***** and drive with the wind! YIPPIE! I can't wait to see you guys on SUNDAY!!!

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ok #1 i am looking forward to the meeting so i can show my pika scoop
#2 my boss has a grill hell let me borrow i belie its a propane 1
# 3 i am not gonna put it in my car he lives in bloomingdale so i am sure we can worksomething out
# 4 i also will be entering hot import nites. My gound effects ect. will be on the 28th or at the lates may5th
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