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Hi, the Cougar light issue is being addressed right now. We are working with
the manufacture on these. If you belong to a Cougar club or know a lot of
individual's who would like Altezza style lights for the Cougar. Please
email us with a list of names and emails, so we can make a better evaluation
of the sort.


I emailed this guy many times this was his response about altezzas and i finally think they are gonna do it, just email him and express your want for the altezzas.

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I just talked with Import Universe and this is the response that I got from them as well..
This was on Instant Messanger. (I am bobjobo2)

bobojobo2: have you guys looking into alteeza lights for the 99-01 Mercury cougar?
ImportUniverse: they will be out in a month or so, they are in production
bobojobo2: I belong to a on-line cougar owners group consisting of about 1500 members. Is it ok to pass this word along letting them know about the upcoming product? If so, I will def. be able to get pre-orders for them... possibly some type of discounted group buy?
ImportUniverse: yea i can work something out
bobojobo2: so it is ok. to let all of them know about the upcoming lights?
ImportUniverse: yes
bobojobo2: thank you....
ImportUniverse: sure

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thats great i just hope he stands by his word cause i also heard like 3 months ago there was someone that was making clear tail lights for our cars and i havent heard from him since.
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