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ok i got tired of seein that blue tube sit across my MAF so today i decided to get off my but and fix it. why?, you ask. well we all know cooler air is a good thing and most of us know the IAT is what decides if the air is the right temperature for the engine adjusting stuff accordingly. the blue tube has to rest either (a) across the MAF absorbing lots of heat through touch or (b) under the MAF between the engine, tranny, MAF and all sorts of heat absorbing jsut as much if not more heat. ok its not as bad as it sounds but this will help simply cause it goes with the origional stock location of the IAT and it'll be farther from that heat.

supplies for best results:

1) drill
2) 7/32" drill bit
3) the stock, black L pipe to replace KKM's T pipe

ok here we go...

1) take the KKM filter off of the metal mounting bracket
2) drill the hole in the neck roughly a centimeter from where the filter begins
3) clean out the filter real good
4) drink a dew
5) detatch the IAT sensor from its wiring harness thing
6) drink a dew this is the hard part ;)
7) cram the IAT in the hole, and when i say cram i mean it, that sucker takes some shovin
8) replace the T pipe supplied by KKM with the stock L pipe thereby eliminating the blue tube
9) stick the KKM back on, tighten it up, snap the IAT wiring thing back on, and start her up

ok your not gonna get a kick in the pants, you prolly wouldn't be able to tell if this was done or not without lookin at it. this is just one of the little things and gives a more professional look to the engine bay
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