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how do i know which way is all the way up on the pot. on the zx2 boards it says what side you leave open depends which way you will need to turn the knob. im not sure if on is all the way to the left or all the way to the right. do i turn it to the side that is open for it to be off, or visa versa. right now, it is facing the open one and i think that is off. looking at the pot with the rod facing towards you and the 3 rings to soder(sp?) facing down, the left one is open. any help would be nice cause i hooked it up earlier and now i am not sure cause i didn't notice anything really(just did a tune up yesterday so car is running a lot better cause of that).

i typed this exact same message in the iat/ect thread but got no reply. i actually hooked it up yesterday even though the message says earlier today.
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